Anti Radiation Kit

Anti Radiation Patch offered is designed to safeguard from radiations generated by mobile phones that can lead to brain tumor, cancer, heart disorder, miscarriage and other issues. By wearing this patch, users can safeguard themselves from effects of electromagnetic radiation. Some of its benefits include supporting neutralizing harmful effects of radiation coming from mobile phone; patch changes nature of radiation and thus protects body from harmful non-thermal effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR, reduce stress level in human body, prevents loss of immunity and others.

MRP 499 (1 BV)


Moringa Capsules

1. Moringa is a nutrient superfood that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
2. Moringa supports good skin health and has anti-ageing properties.
3. Potent anti-inflammatory that supports joint health.
4. Supports cardiovascular & brain health.
5. Protects & improves liver health.

MRP 599 (1 BV)

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